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Late Dr. R. N. Modi
Founder Chairman
Modi Educational Group, Kota

Modi Educational Group, Kota immensely flourished under the guidance of founder Chairman of the SRD Modi Vidya Niketan Society, Kota, which has been managing eight professional educations. The credit goes to all students, stakeholders, staff and my colleagues in the Board of Directors. I am proud to say that the Modi Group, Kota has become the brand name in the field of education. The colleges like Engineering, Pharmacy, traditional branches like Arts, Science & Commerce, Education, Nursing, Performing Arts and Agricultural studies are offered and being chosen by high ranking students.

Many of our past students have gone for higher studies in Prestigious Universities. Most of the students are holding prestigious positions in the reputed organizations within the country and abroad. Modi Group, Kota is known for the moral values, ethics and contributing a lot for the overall up-liftment of the society.

Best of luck for all your future endeavours.

Mrs. Bimla Modi
Modi Educational Group, Kota

She is Chairperson of SRD Modi Vidya Niketan Society, Kota (Rajasthan). Under her leadership, the institute has revitalized itself and she has not shied away from making big challenges in short span of time. She has always been an active social worker and believes in famous saying charity begins from home.

She messages that our propensity to learning has steered us to expand our horizons as we complete our second decade of the engineering college. The institution has already made a mark in discipline and academic pursuits apart from extra-curricular activities. Our search is incessant, our service is ceaseless and our perseverance untiring. Imparting right knowledge, enhancing wisdom and creating distinct individuals is our pursuit. Wishing you many memorable moments in Modi Educational Group, Kota.

Mr. Sushil Modi
Vice Chairman
Modi Educational Group, Kota

Shri Sushil Modi is a colossus exhibiting abiding concern for high quality education perpetuated by his multifaceted genius. Under his support the management committee is giving shape to the all-round development of MIT. Shri Sushil Modi was awarded MBA degree from International University Louisiana, USA.

He believes that education is a preparation for life and not acquired just to make a living is the edifice on which MIT has been established. To prepare and empower the students for life by imparting holistic education encompassing the intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual facets and attributes is the core essence of our pedagogy and training. Lateral thinking and the ability to process knowledge and information in a critical and analytical manner are very essential in today’s competitive world. The skills to be imbibed in order to interpret and apply the knowledge and to provide solutions to complex problems and the ability to make informed decisions is a very essential quality much sought after in the corporate environment. Hence we ensure that these skills are developed by benchmarking our teaching and training to the best global practices and research. The true goal of education is not to be self-serving but to serve and contribute to society with empathy and benevolence. We aspire to make every student in our care to blossom into responsible and thinking individual who would be a life-long learner and also be an agent of transformation and a trust worthy citizen.