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The mathematics department of the college is enriched with well qualified, experienced and research oriented faculty members. Various research papers have been presented in national and international journals from time to time. The faculty members have also attended and presented research papers in various conferences.

Apart from day to day teaching the faculty members are also contributing their experience for the preparation of competitive exams such as GATE, CAT, RMAT, SNAP etc. taken by students.

List Of Faculty Members
S.No. Name   Designation Qualification
1  Mr. Vijay Kumar Varshney  Senior Lecturer    M.Sc. ,M.Phil
2  Ms. Ritu Jain  Assistant Professor  M.Sc.
3 Ms. Sweety Jain  Assistant Professor  M.Sc.
4 Mr. Gajendra Singh  Assistant Professor  M.Sc.
5 Ms. Jyoti Upadhyay Pant  Assistant Professor  M.Sc.
6 Mr. Amit Kr. Sharma  Assistant Professor  M.Sc.

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