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The Department of Humanities was established in the year 2001, when the college was founded. The department offers guidance for English and communication skills in the first year B.Tech. course and Humanities and Social Sciences in the successive years of B.Tech. course. Along with theoretical learning a lot of emphasis is given to develop the spoken and presentation skills of the students. Students are given the over all view on a wide range of subjects like History, Economics, Social Sciences, Management, Entrepreneurship Development, Psychology in Humanities and Social Sciences studies.
Students are motivated to participate in a variety of activities so that and they can grow and transform into versatile personalities to run their job in best manner & develop their own business unit.

The Driving Edge of the Department :-
1. Emphasis on rules of English Grammer in language.
2. Personality Development and Grooming sessions.
3. Regular activities, like GD’s, Role-Plays and constructive discussions are organized to expand personal & professional horizons.
4. To promote English Competency of studen6ts MIT has highly advanced lab systems.
5. Regular Audio Visual movie shows are organized to expose the students to learn language. 6. Regular seminars and symposia on Entrepreneurship Development.

List Of Faculty Members
S.No. Name   Designation Qualification
1  Ms. Alka Sharma  Assistant Professor  M.Phil.
2  Ms. Meghana Sharma  Assistant Professor  M.A.
3  Mr. Amit Palwar  Assistant Professor  M.A.
5  Mrs. Versha Sen  Assistant Professor  M.A.

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