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Grievance Redressal Form

Discipline /Anti Ragging Committee
S.No Member Designation Phone
1 Mr. Jitendra Yadvendra(Chief Proctor)
Asst. Proff. , Electrical Engineering
Chief Proctor 0744-5131788-206
3 Dr. Monica Sharma
I/C, Chemistry
Member 9828131263
4 Mr. Vijay Varshney
I/C, Maths.
Member 9460079985
5 Mrs. Priya Bhatnagar
Member -
6 Mr. Pankaj Jain
HOD, Electronics & Communication Engg.
Member 9413008122
7 Mr. Vishal Sharma
HOD, Mechanical Engg.
Member 9024368511
8 Mr. Mohit Mathur
Astt Prof., ECE
Member 9024368511
9 Ms. Aiswarya Varshney
Astt. Prof. CE
Member 9928894887
10 Mr. Shantanu Sharma
Astt. Prof. ,EE
Member 9529451685
11 Mr. Ashish Sharma
Astt. Prof. ,EE
Member 9672019359
12 Ms. Varsha Sen
Astt. Prof. ,I year
Member 8504023535
13 Ms. Sweety Jain
Astt. Prof. ,I year
Member 9784256853
14 Mr. Kushal Baberwal
Astt. Prof. ,EE
Member 7891930530
15 Mr. Neetesh Nagar
Technical Assistant, ME
Member 9784147073
Prevention of Atrocities Committee For SC/ST Students
S.No Name Designation
1   Mr. Pankaj Jain   Head of ECE
2   Mr. Babu Lal Regar   ME
3   Ms. Varsha Sen   Eng & Humm.
  Mr. Sumit Sen   EE
5   Ms. Deepmala Chittora    CE

Prevent and Complaints(Sexual Harassment)
Grievances Redressal Committee
S.No Name Contact No
1  Ms. Aishwarya Varshney(Coordinator)   9828884887
2  Dr. Monica Sharma   9828131263
 Mrs. Chandralekha Sharma   9886970954
4  Mrs. Varsha Sen   95498498621
5  Ms. Bhagyashree Chaorasiya   9462936476
6  Mr. Jitendra Yadvendra   9309415480
 Mr. Vishal Sharma   9024368511
8  Mrs. Mamta Sharma   7737004944
9  Mr. Ashish Kumar Sharma   9672019359
10  Ms. Akansha Gurjar   9414331593
11  Ms. Sweety Jain   9784256853

Teaching Staff  Grievances Redressal Committee
S.No Name Designation
1   Mrs. Priya Bhatnagar   Member
2   Dr. Monica Sharma   Member
3   Mr. Jitendra Yadvendra   Member
3   Ms. Aishwarya Varshney   Member
Student Grievances Redressal Committee
S.No Name Designation
1   Mr. Vishal Sharma   Member
2   Mr. Pankaj Jain   Member
3   Mr. Jitendra Yadvendra   Member
4   Mr. Gaurav Kapoor   Member
4   Mr. Ashish Sharma   Member
4   Mr. Manoj Ameria   Member
5   One Student from each branch
Non-Teaching Staff Grievances Redressal Committee
S.No Name Designation
1   Mr. Vishal Sharma   Member
2   Ms. Varsha Sen   Member
3   Mrs. Rajni Bhatia   Member
Women  Grievances Redressal Committee
S.No Name Designation
1   .Mr. Mohit Mathur   Member
3   Dr. Monica Sharma   Member
4   Mrs. Usha Vyas   Member
5   Mrs. Priya Bhatnagar   Member
6   Mr. Jitendra Yadvendra   Member
7   Mr. Ashish Vijay   Member
8   Mr. Sunil Mantri   Member
9   Ms. Apoorva Sharma   Member
10   Mr. Vishal Sharma   Member
11   Mrs. Neelam Yadav   Member
12   Mr. S.K. Saha   Member
Estate Committee
The committee shall keep watch on estates of the College. Suggest repairs both civil and electrical and all other works related to estate.
S.No Name Designation
1   Mr. Ravi Gahlot   Member
2   Mr. Himanshu khandelwal   Member
Student Welfare and Compliance Grievances Redressal Committee
The committee shall look after students amenities like drinking water, canteen, toilets, common rooms and all other facilities need be for the students.
S.No Name Contact No.
1   Dr. Monica Sharma   9828131263
2   Mr. Jitendra Yadvendra   9309415480
3   Mr. Vijay Varshney   9460079958
4   Ms. Varsha Sen   8504023535
5   Mr. Sachin Shrivastava   7737795899
6   Mr. Pankaj Jain   9413008122
7   Mr. Vishal Sharma   9024368511
8   Ms. Aishwarya Varshney   9828884887
9   Mr. Manoj Ameria   9799608795
10 One Student from each branch
Energy Saving Committee
The committee shall be responsible to stop misuse/undesired consumption/wastage of electric power. The committee should plan detailed action within a week and discuss it with Director so that AC/Fans/Lights do not run in empty room/Laboratory. It will be better to involve some LI’s and students in this plan.
S.No Name Energy Saving Area
1   Mr. Kesari Singh Asoliya   Water Harvesting
2   Mr. Shantanu Sharma   Non-conventional Energy

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