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The department of Mechanical Engg. has full-fledged Workshop comprising of different shops like Fitting shop, Machine shop, Welding shop, Sheet metal and Foundry shop. These shops are fully equipped with most modern and latest variety of machines, equipments, tools and tackles.

The department has also well equipped Drawing Hall for carrying out jobs and assignments related to Engineering Graphics.

Laboratories Details

Mechanical Workshop

The mechanical workshop is used by students to carry out their project work. Software is available for design & development work which automatically transfers to machinery to enable manufacture & construction. The workshop is always staffed allowing students to use the apparatus safely and giving help and advice where required. There is also a secondary workshop which provides extensive facilities to cover all areas of teaching and manufacture in the engineering disciplines.

Machine Shop

The machine Shop is well equipped with Lathe machines, Shaper Machines, Drilling Machines, Bench Grinder etc.,


Welding Shop

The Welding shop is well equipped with Arc welding Transformer and other accessories.

Foundry Shop

The Foundry shop is well equipped with pit furnace and related tools & tackles.

Carpentry Shop

The Carpentry shop well equipped with different types of wood cutting and forming hand tools.

Fitting Shop

The Fitting shop is well equipped with different types of hand tools.

Drawing Hall

The drawing hall is well equipped with Drawing Board & accessaries. Different types of models available for demontration perpose


Faculty members of the department are well qualified and experienced to cater to the requirement of teaching classes and practical classes.

List Of Faculty Members
S.No. Name   Designation Qualification
1  Mrs. Barkha Gupta   (HOD)  M.Tech.
2  Mr. Neetesh Kr. Nagar  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
3  Mr. Babu Lal Regar  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
4  Mr. Narendra Kr. Suthar  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
5  Mr. Dhirendra Pratap Meena  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
6  Mr. Hanuman Kushwah  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
7  Mr. Ashish Sharma  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
8  Mr. Dharmveer Fozdar  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
9  Mr. Govind Singh Rathore  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
10  Mr. Harish Yadav  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
11  Mr. Lakshya Barjatya  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
12  Mr. Himanshu Khandelwal  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.

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