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The Department of Electrical Engineering, MIT Kota, which has a fine strength of renowned as well as young, robust and dynamic personalities as faculty, is involved whole hearty in providing quality education to undergraduate engineering students. It has a broad based Laboratory, Workshops and Infrastructure covering all basic branches and modem aspect of electrical engineering field. They are continuously updated modernized to reflect the rapid changes in technology.

Department consist of following Laboratory

1. Electrical and Electronics Lab

2. Measurement Lab

3. Simulation and Modeling Lab

4. High Voltage Lab

5. Electrical Machine

6. Project Lab

7. Power electronics &  E. drive

8. Electrical Workshop &  E. drive

Vista of some of the major Laboratory


This lab aims at introducing the students with the basic electrical and electronics components, their characteristics & applications in daily life like Fan, bulbs, tube light etc.. Moreover in this lab we are making the students aware and developing interest with the different theorems, laws, networks, circuits etc. which are the basic building materials of all those enormous electrical equipments, transmission lines, generators, motors, etc. Lab also clear the dought of student about construction and working of various machine and cuircuit like Transformer, Motor, Rectifiers etc. The purpose of this lab is to provide a clear concept with base of knowledge concerned to Electrical and Electronics components with which they will have to carry for better understanding in the coming semesters. The lab has all the facilities to perform the experiments.



Machines laboratory is one of the Biggest and Important lab of the department. It is equipped with various conventional DC , AC machines along with other accessories like DC voltage source, rheostats ,loads, modern voltmeters (AC/DC), ammeters (AC/DC), watt meters, multimetres etc all correctly calibrated, for better and perfect conduction of various experiments & developmental works .All these machines and material are employed for training the students to impart sound knowledge in the area of electrical machines.




Our High Voltage lab is one of the best lab in Region .Where student can work on high voltage AC and DC supply .It is well equipped with the setups like Buchohloz relay, Under frequency relay, Over fluxing relay, Auxiliary relay, IDMT relay etc and Relay testing setup. Along with DC high voltage set, CT testing, Sphere gap, Transformer oil testing setup etc. Lab is in reach with frequency generator, air compressor and various type of insulators use in transmission line.




Power electronics & drives laboratory which is among very important and useful part of electrical engineering has all the facilities to gather sufficient knowledge and sounding the concept .Here students are provided with all the facilities like electronics components, Multimeters etc so that students can make their own circuits like triggering ,checking waveform, power circuits etc requires to perform different experiments to correlate them with the theoretical studies. Along with that lab do consist of kits which can make their experiment more correct and fast .This lab has the major setups like Speed control of 3 phase,1 phase and DC supply motors. Various efficiency test of machine can be performed in the lab particularly with change in frequency.




This lab provides the basic concepts for measuring the different electrical parameters like voltage, current, power, unknown parameters etc. along with different electrical element with precision& calibration of different types of instruments/scope and also to gain knowledge on the working of the different types of measuring instruments .This lab has experiment like, Power Factor meter, wattmeters etc & bridges like Maxwell’s, Anderson’s, Wiens, Universal impedence Bridge etc to find the values of unknown parameters like capacitance, inductance etc. This lab is also equipped like potentiometer, energy meter with all other accessories to facilitate the students to perform their experiments to acquire better knowledge.



List Of Faculty Members (EE)
S.No. Name   Designation Qualification
1  Mr. Jitendra Yadvendra  Associate Professor  M.Tech.
2  Mr. Kesari Singh Asoliya  Associate Professor  M.Tech.
3  Mr. Sachin Shrivastav  Assistant Professor  M.Tech.
4  Mr. Gaurav Kapoor  Assistant Professor  M.Tech.
5  Mr. Raj Kumar Nagar  Assistant Professor  M.Tech.
6  Mr. Ranjeet Kumar  Assistant Professor  M.Tech.
7  Mr. Man Singh Negi  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
8  Mr. Ashish Kumar Sharma  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
9  Mr. Kushal Baberwal  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
11  Mr. Kaushal Bairagi  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
12  Mr. Santosh Tiwari  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
13  Mr. Kuldeep Sharma  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
14  Mr. Shantanu Sharma  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
15  Mr. Puneet Gocher  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
16  Mr. Sumit Tripathi  Assistant Professor  M.Tech.
17  Mr. Amit Kumar Sharma  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.

List Of Faculty Members (EEE)
S.No. Name   Designation Qualification
1  Mr. Jitendra Yadvendra  H.O.D.  M.Tech.
2  Mr. Khushboo Gupta  Assistant Professor  M.Tech.
3  Mr. Krishan Kumar Soni  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
4  Mr. Mayank Tiwari  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
5  Mr. Neeraj Sharma  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
6  Mr. Ravi Agrawal  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
7  Mr. Ravi Gahlot  Assistant Professor  M.Tech.

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