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Advanced Communication Lab

It includes a detailed study of knowledge related to communication system.The laboratory is well equipped with all the experimental kits including. GSM trainer,GPRS trainer,Super hetrodyne Radio Receiver ,ISDN trainer,Delta modulation-Demodulation,EPABX trainer.

Digital Electronics Laboratory  
The department has modern, well-equipped Digital Electronics Laboratory with adequate facilities. The Lab has advance kits like Digital Trainer, IC testers, A/D & D/A converters. The lab has practical CMOS-TTL interfacing kit & multiviberators along with the basic kits like encoders, multiplexers, counter & shift register to fulfill the requirements for performing lab experiments.

Communication Laboratory
Basic and advanced equipments required to perform experiments for both analog and digital communications, spectrum analyzer, standard signal generator & modulation equipments are provided.

Electronics Device and Circuits Laboratory
Has equipments and setup for basic and general electronics circuits for study analysis & design, PC's equipped with the software to simulate the various circuits are also available.

Microwave Laboratory
Contains microwave benches using reflex klystron and Gun Diode as source and various other equipments, attachments and components to learn about microwaves.

Electronics Engineering Design Lab
It is an extremely important job of electronics student to design and assemble an electronic circuit. The EED lab is designed for the purpose.The lab is well equipped with digital and analog CRO’s up to 30MHz range, power supplies along with the maximum components, IC’s and breadboards to design & assemble circuits practically.They practically design the circuits like sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal oscillators using op-Amp, multiviberators. They even design the latest circuits like FM modulator using PLL, which give them intensive knowledge of practical designing aspects.

Electronic Workshop
Electronics workshop is to provide the basic information to the students about various components and well as processes required further in higher classes like fabrication of PCBs, development of transformers, soldering and de soldering process etc.The lab also includes a detailed study of CRO, heterodyne receiver and tape recorder kit that equips the students with elementary knowledge related to electronics and communication systems. It includes CRO demonstration kit, Opto electronic devices,Superhetrodyne Radio Receiver kit, Tape recorder kit,As well as other equipments like Transformer winding machine, Soldering desoldering station. 

The ECE has a very cohesive, like-minded team whose members have strong commitment towards teaching. The Faculty members of ECE have been quite active in research and have published over 100 research papers in the journals of reputed national/international journals. Some faculty members of ECE department have also been awarded patents. Several faculty members of the department of ECE have served as Honorary editor and/or editorial reviewer, for a number of national and international journals in the areas of their specializations.
List Of Faculty Members
S.No. Name  Designation Qualification
1  Mrs. Shailaja Kanawade  H.O.D.  M.Tech.
2  Mr. Mohit Mathur  Assistant Professor  M.Tech.
3  Ms. Nidhi Jain  Assistant Professor  M.Tech.
4  Mr. Kamlesh Kr.  Sharma  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
5  Ms. Akshita Pal  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
6  Ms. Apurva Sharma  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
7  Mr. Chaman Agrawal  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
8  Mr. Mahesh Kumar Verma  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
9  Mr. Prafull Sharma  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
10  Ms. Bhagyashree Chouria  Assistant Professor  M.Tech.(Pur.)
11  Mr. Pankaj Kustala  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
12  Mr. Suhail Ansari  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
13  Mr. Vikram Singhwal  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.

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