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The chemistry department of the college has proved to be very important and valuable with regard to human health and environment studies. The college students collect various water samples from different areas of Kota city and perform analysis for estimation of water hardness, alkalinity, total solids, chlorine contents pH and various other important parameters. The data revealed by them make the people aware about human health and use of drinking water. Recently the information about the hazardous effect due to impure water was conveyed to the village people of Nayagoan during the NSS camp organized by the college


The laboratory is well spaced with a capacity of 24 students for working at a time. It is equipped with modern sophisticated instruments for carrying day-to-day analysis. High-grade analytical reagents are provided to students for performing experiments. The faculty is well qualified with vast research experience and good academic background. Various research papers have been presented in national and international journals from time to time. Presently the department is planning to come up with some minor research project, which is supposed to be sponsored and funded by some international and national agencies.

some of the experiments of chemistry are also important for agriculturel purposes , like it is helpful for reducing salinity of soil. Chemistry dept. is also planning to collobarate with chemistry dept. of RTU $ University Of KOTA, this will be helpful for increasing research activities .

List Of Faculty Members
S.No. Name   Designation Qualification
1  Dr. Monica Sharma  Associate Prof.  Ph.D.
2  Dr. Ashu Goyal   Assistant Professor  Ph.D.
3  Ms. Garima Gupta   Assistant Professor  M.Sc.
4  Mr. Manish Sharma   Assistant Professor  M.Sc.

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