New Emerging Branch of B.Tech. in Hadoti Region First Time "Artificial Intelligence & Data Science"

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Computer Laboratory and Internet Lab

The computer department and laboratories provide hi-tech learning, the latest in computer hardware and information technology and effectively managing changes in this fiercely competitive environment. The institute has well established air-conditioned computer laboratories endowed with Pentium IV nodes together with online UPSs and latest printers, which are networked through LAN and Internet as well, for round the clock global connectivity.

The laboratories are connected with one Windows, 1-Linux server, 1-Linux proxy server, 1-ERP server linked to  P-IV nodes together with UPSs and printers costing about 1.7 Crores. Currently we have 48 application softwares and 7-system software's, which lead to smooth running of the computer laboratories and wireless setups. Besides this we have wireless LAN with various nodes connected to it. The Internet facility has been brought to the Institute through Radio link, whose capacity is 2 Mbps. The facility has been distributed in the Institute through cables.

Website & Proposed Setup of Internet

We have also established a high-tech design laboratory in the department of E&CE with 36 Nos Compaq PCs connected through a H.P. server and installed with latest software like MATLAB, MULTISIM, ULTIBOARD and Active-HDL. Website & Proposed Setup of Intranet We have also uploaded the college web site For this a content management team has been constituted, team involves the Principal, Training & Placement Incharge and all Heads of the Dept. to authenticate the content made available on the college web site. In house website maintenance work is performing by Mr. Daya Krishan Gupta & Mr. Abhijeet Sharma. The MIT Intranet will be targeted to cover different sections like E-mails for faculties, training and placement department information, online library information, staff area with circulars etc., and student section with examination marks and performances, attendances, extra classes schedule etc. In short the MIT Intranet would be the backbone for complete communication.We aim to set our Institute as the future model of the "Paperless digital institute for others to follow" 

Software Engineering. Lab

It is to practice Software Engineering Techniques with the use of open source tools using OOPs  concepts. Where the designing can be done on any Automation System like billing,payroll etc. by providing their SDS (Software Design Specification).

Database Management Lab

Student can use Mysql with the front end of C++ /VB /java for creation of database can be accessed & manipulated in a convenient and efficient way.

Data Structure Lab

It helps the student to enhance the ability to understand how to several fundamental algorithm works ,particularly those concerns with sorting and searching and also with the understating of how fundamental data structure are used in Computer Science and with the additional feature to analyse the Space & time efficiency of most algorithm.

Computer Programming Lab

It enriches with the basic idea of C programming for providing basic understanding in computer engg. It has the programme based on basic operating system commands, compilation commands ,linking related issues ,basic programming & file handling in C.


Operating System Simulation Lab

Objective to understanding the basic function of OS,in depth knowledge of the algo. Use for implementing the task performed by OS to understand and simulate strategies used in Linux & Windows OS. It develops aptitude for carrying out research in the area of OS.

List Of Faculty Members

The Computer Engineering has a very cohesive, like-minded team whose members have strong commitment towards teaching. The faculty members of CE have been quite active in research and improve in their educational quality .

S.No. Name   Designation Qualification
2  Mrs.  Priya Bhatnagar  Head Of Department  M.Tech
3  Ms.  yashoda Makhija  Assistant Professor  M.Tech.
4  Mrs.  Priyanka Jeswani  Assistant Professor  M.Tech.
5  Ms.  Akanksha Singh Gurjar  Assistant Professor  M.Tech.
6  Ms.  Neha Agarwal  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
7  Mr.  Ajay Soni  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
8  Mr.  Chaitanya Kumar Karn  Assistant Professor  M.Tech.
9  Mr.  Sunny Chakarvorty  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
10  Ms.  Dimpal Baberwal  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.
11  Ms.  Priyanka Panwar  Assistant Professor  B.Tech.

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